Based on the Questjay CUSUM system, Questjay Cloud is a web-based combined Questjay CUSUM and conformity system. The system complies with BS EN 206:2013 and BS 8500:2015+A1 2016.

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Introducing Questjay CUSUM

Questjay Cloud

Standards compliant

Questjay cloud is a combined Questjay CUSUM and conformity system used for the statistical monitoring of concrete strength and compliance for concrete producers. The system has been designed such that it complies with BS EN 206:2013 and BS 8500:2015+A1 2016. The Questjay CUSUM uses traditional methods of plotting graphical trend lines for the mean cement content, standard deviation and the correlation between the early and late strengths. The Questjay CUSUM will automatically adjust these values and reset the graphs if a change is detected by the trend line crosses a V mask.


Comformity is based on Method A and Method C from BS EN 206. Method A evaluates the first thirty five twenty eight day strengths using the mean of three non overlapping results. Once thirty five results have been obtained the system switches over to monitor strengths using Method C. Method C again uses graphical trend lines to plot thirty five rolling twenty eight day strengths. The graph uses a warning V mask showing where strengths are under performing and a non conforming V mask showing where strengths have not conformed. Warning messages are displayed and logged where either of these events have occurred.

Clear displays

Questjay also has the ability to run scenarios for Questjay CUSUM and conformity from any given point using user defined parameters. These parameters are used to generate and display new graphs and tables which can overwrite the existing data if the user feels it is more realistic than data generated by the system. Where any value has changed for either the Questjay CUSUM or conformity, Questjay will automatically store a log displaying the new values along with the date and time of change.

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